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100W, Quarter Brick, 4:1 ultra wide input 9~36VDC DC/DC converters for industrial and telecommunication applications


As one of the leading manufactures in the world for DC/DC converters, Favotek is more known for its innovative converters in low power range. Once we release a new product series to the market, it is an upgrade to the market, in respect of performance, function, or reliability.

Recently, Favotek has released the 100W quarter brick DC/DC converters. Its 9~36VDC input voltage range covers the most of applications using 24VDC as bus voltage.

These converters are designed with 500K+ hours long MTBF, 2250VDC isolation, UVP, SCP, OCP, OVP and OTP functions. The optional heatsink and fins enable them survive even more extreme environments. The EMC performance meet CISPR32/EN55032 Class B with recommended external components.

These converters are high performance, and ideally suitable for industrial automation, telecommunication, railway and alternative energy applications.

Product Features:

Input voltage range: 9~36VDC
Output voltage: 5~48VDC
Output efficiency: 90% typical
Isolation voltage: 2250VDC
Operating temperature: -40'C to +85'C
All round protections: UVP, SCP, OCP, OVP and OTP
Meet safety standard: EN50155 for railway
Meet EMC standards: CISPR32/EN55032 Class B (externals required)