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Railway Dedicated, Favotek "MA" family DC/DC converters

For on-board and trackside applications

Over the years, Favotek has developed its DC/DC converters for the railway industry pack up to 250W and can now offer the broadest portfolio of EN50155 compliance products available on the market.

All series in the Favotek "MA" category comply to EN50155 standard and designed for use in harsh environments. The vibration and thermal shock test meets EN61373. Since they are UL60950 compliance as well, they are also a reliable choice for industrial and telecommunication applications.

With efficiencies of up to 93%, cooling by natural convection is typically all that is needed, but if required, the modules are also available with a pre-mounted heatsink. Don't forget, for all 1"x1" and 2"x1" packages, Favotek provide optional chassis for chassis mount, and DIN Rail mount.