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Latest Cost Cutters, highly integrated circuit, 20~40% lower cost, unregulated DC/DC converters


Thanks to the newly developed integrated circuit, these new designs has about 20~40% cost advantage over the previous correspondence designs, yet the new designs are better performance and reliability. Most of the series operate up to 105'C without derating. Continuous short circuit protection is now default function.

We added letter "E" to the series name of these latest cost cutters, to distinguish them from the previous series. E.g. ME1TE series is upgraded from ME1T series, and ME1S7E-K3 series is upgraded from ME1S7-K3 series.

The Latest Cost Cutters are made to exactly the same size and pinning as their previous design, facilitate users to change without alter on circuit board.

These converters are designed to meet safety standards UL/EN62638 and EMC standards CISPR32/EN55022 Class B, and certifications are in process. Available series include the following, and more to come in the next months.


Product Features:

> About 20~40% lower cost than previous design
> About 2~5% higher efficiency than previous design
> Operating temperature range: -40'C ~ +105'C ambient
> Continuous short circuit protection
> No external components required for operating
> Industrial standard SIP, DIP, SMD package
> Isolation voltage 1.5KVdc
> Full SMT structure inside
> Meet safety standards UL/EN62638
> Meet EMC standards CISPR32/EN55022 Class B
> 3 year warranty